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Mar. 29th, 2018

Huston Street

...got you for 18 years

A Facebook friend posted (on his wall, not to me), "Thanks for the birthday wishes!"

I didn't remember wishing him a happy birthday nor did I recall seeing the Facebook birthday notification, so I checked when his birthday was. March 25.

March 25... my Neopets account's birthday. NSynca's birthday! Ahhh!

Now years, they go by quickly. There are just a handful of dates that you can point out over the last 18 years where I could tell you exactly what happened on that day.

But 18 years (and a few days) ago, Allie and I were on my dad's computer, using Windows 98, on Compuserve dialup with Internet Explorer, searching through the manually curated Yahoo directories for Pokemon sites... when we came across Neopets. I created an account, and Allie followed a few days later with her own. I named my Chia pet NSynca, because NSync as a name was already taken. These were the days before Google, before high speed internet, before Chrome. Before browsers had tabs. Before you could search the web for any information and verify rumors so you believed everything people wrote on their Neopets pages. When fake news was a thing, before fake news was a thing.

I think one time, we read that once you leveled your Neopet enough, you could 'explore more worlds' and we thought that we would one day unlock a Pokemon like multiplayer world, where we could walk around with our Neopets and battle them and see our colorful world in 3D.

Sometimes it takes these milestones for one to really reflect back. What a crazy 18 years, eh? I can't believe my Neopet is technically an adult, when I don't even feel like a real adult sometimes. Ooh high school was kind of a mess, but I actually have that mostly documented in LiveJournal. College... a blur of good & bad decisions, and some decisions that were definitely mix of both. Post-college - I think mostly luck & Vegas. Now technology is such a big part of our lives, we've had huge social victories and huge setbacks, high speed internet is pretty much a life nisessisty, children have to grow up way too fast when they have to worry about how to be safe at school instead of thinking about how to scrape together enough quarters for that Charizard card.

And NSynca is still a flat image after 18 years, and went from being a male Chia to a female Jetsam. Anyway, I'm pretty sure no one uses LiveJournal anymore, so I'll have to bug Ben about getting my site back up so maybe I can write again...

Oct. 25th, 2011

Huston Street

Yo Dawg, I heard you like boxes

[03:07] Eugene: people on styleforum are doing a tie box
[03:07] Eugene: like they mail around a box
[03:07] Eugene: and you take a tie you like out
[03:07] angelhalo1001: oh
[03:07] Eugene: and put one of your own in
[03:08] angelhalo1001: yeah i know how that works
[03:08] angelhalo1001: on beauty forums they do that with makeup and nail polish
[03:08] Eugene: are you a member of one that's like
[03:08] Eugene: a box box
[03:08] angelhalo1001: -_-
[03:08] Eugene: a box full of boxes
[03:08] Eugene: take a box
[03:08] Eugene: put one in
[03:08] angelhalo1001: -______-
[03:08] Eugene: how meta
[03:08] angelhalo1001: hahahaha

Apr. 1st, 2010

Huston Street

April Fools haha.

[15:24] angelfatal@gmail.com: i checked the bay aerials website, and class is cancelled tonight
[15:24] Brad Fuellenbach: NO
[15:24] Brad Fuellenbach: NOT ACCEPTABLE
[15:24] Brad Fuellenbach: are you serious?
[15:24] Brad Fuellenbach: WHY
[15:24] Brad Fuellenbach: GRRRR
[15:25] Brad Fuellenbach: wt heck
[15:25] angelfatal@gmail.com: april fools
[15:25] angelfatal@gmail.com: hahahaha. hahaahaha.
[15:25] Brad Fuellenbach: STFU
[15:25] angelfatal@gmail.com: lolololol
[15:25] Brad Fuellenbach: that one was pretty good
[15:25] angelfatal@gmail.com: hahahahaha
[15:25] Brad Fuellenbach: that was good

Oct. 30th, 2009

Huston Street

A frog

But dear... you ARE a frog!!

May. 21st, 2009

Huston Street

best spam ever!!


Dear Friend ,

I am Mrs. Ruth Madoff, wife of bernard madoff.

I am actually going through some kind of difficult time with my family
right now, as my husband is at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, New
York City.

My husband Sentencing is scheduled for June 16, 2009 and he is likely to
face a maximum sentence of 150 years in prison and $170 billion in
restitution, so there is need for me to move out alot of my personal funds
and peronal belongings around the world , particularly from outside
america, but i need somebody to trust now, because i cannot receive funds
here in america right now.

I would need your help in acquiring some properties and keeping some large
cash amount for me. but first i would prefer to chat with you either on
yahoo chat or Skype. if you are not comfortable with yahoo then write me
,so we can communicate via email.

This is very urgent, i would have to entrust a large amount of money into
your hands and some personal valueables. But this would have to be very
confidential, just between me and you, because the press are afetr me
and my husband name all over the headlines, because of his Wall street

Anyway! don't be scared about the risk, it is a very safe deal i can
assure you of your condidentiality.

Yours Sincerely
Mrs. Ruth Alpern Madoff
Email Contact:

Feb. 3rd, 2009

Huston Street

Bread & Cheese

Aaron: My daughter can live off bread and cheese. For example, last Monday I asked what she wanted for dinner.
Daughter: Pizza?
Aaron: So I got her pizza. On Tuesday I asked what she wanted for dinner.
Daughter: Pizza?
Aaron: No I got you pizza yesterday. Try something else.
Daughter: Ok... quesadillas then.
Aaron: So I got her a quesadilla. On Wednesday, I asked what she wanted for dinner.
Daughter: Quesadillas?
Aaron: No I got you a quesadilla yeseterday. Try something else.

The daughter thought very hard...
Daughter Grilled cheese?

Dec. 1st, 2008

Huston Street

Intelligence failure, or proof that Yahoo hates Bush?

May. 2nd, 2008

Huston Street

Candles and the Asian Mentality

My brother Brian turned 10 last week. My mom got him an awesome chocolate ice cream cake from Coldstone. She also bought some of those giant numeral candles with a "1" and a "0" for 10, and some small party candles too.

Well my mom ended using the "1" and the "0" candles but not the smaller party ones. It's my co-worker Elena's birthday today (well tomorrow actually) so I just baked her a brownie. I asked my mom if I could take her pack of small party candles so we could use them on her brownie.

My mom said that was okay, but then I looked down and saw that there were only 24 candles in the pack! Oh no, it's Elena's 25th birthday!

So I thought, hmm maybe I'll just grab the "1" candle too so her brownie will have a giant "1" surrounded by lots of smaller candles. That way, Elena can be #1, and her brownie/cake will still have 25 candles total.

I asked my mom if I could take the "1" candle and my mom said, "Yes you can, but be sure to bring it back. That candle was a whole dollar. Then we can reuse use the candle for your brother's 11th birthday, and 12th, and 13th, because they all start with '1'."